Its 4.30am and I am waiting to be picked up for my Salkantay Trek which ends in Machu Picchu next Thursday. It is going to be one of the hardest hikes of my life, covering 75 kilometres and going over a 4950 metres pass! I am excited, exhausted, and terrified at the same time. One things for sure, I´ll be coming back thinner.
I am sorry I didn´t get a chance to write you all yesterday. I was in bed most of the day suffering from the effects of heavy partying for my birthday. Thanks to all of you who sent their well wishes. It was amazing the fun I managed to have here in Cusco with only 11 strangers all meeting up at the last minute invite. Lots of fun, and singing, which is all important for me as you know.
It has been an amazing week leading up to this since I last wrote. I spent 3 days hiking in the worlds deepest Canyon, followed by two days of recovery in Perus southern city of Arequipa, followed by an overnight bus and acclimatizing in the continents oldest city – Cusco!
My guide should be here for me any second now, so I will probably write off now and write properly from Aguas Caliente if I can…the night before my big climb to Machu Pichu itself. Its so weird that after all these years of hearing that name, and imagining myself there…that I am actually about to set out on my own to walk to it! Hard to fathom.